Wednesday, September 26, 2007

thannai vendral thanakoru kedillai- thirumanthram

In my opinion,
The best way to protect yourself from negative external influences is by gaining mental mastery. This means the ability to reject unwanted thoughts and think only on what you choose to think. It also means gaining inner peace, which cannot be disturbed. This of course requires inner work, persistence and dedication.

Affirmations can assist in making yourself immune against what you mentioned in your message, if you repeat them often, and with faith and conviction. They add to your inner strength and confidence and enable you to resist negative influences.

Here are a few affirmations that might help you:

# I am an island of peace, which nothing can disturb.

# I have full control of my mind and thoughts.

# I have a very strong protective aura.

# People respect me and love to help me.

# The Universe is constantly sending me powerful protective energy.

# I am surrounded by a protective aura that lets in only positive and good thoughts.

# I possess emotional and mental detachment, which protect me from other people's moods, emotions and thoughts.

# I radiate feelings and thoughts of love and forgiveness.

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